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Following the success of 2017 and 2018's tours, CloseUp have once again teamed up with Jagermeister to provide the third edition of The CloseUp Tour.

Hitting up Liverpool (20/11), Birmingham (21/11), Sheffield (22/11) and London (23/11), 2019's lineup features co-headline sets from EKKAH and Patawawa, plus soon to be announced special guests for each show.

Ahead of the tour, we caught up with London based friends Rebecca Wilson and Rebekah Pennington, aka EKKAH to find out what we can expect at this year’s shows.

You guys have been friends for quite a while now right? What’s the dynamic like in your friendship?

We both have very different traits as people, but that's what makes our bond strong, if we had similar tendencies and reactions to situations we might end up clashing more! Capricorn and Pisces are very compatible in their natures.

How does that dynamic transfer into your music?

Even though we are different people, we have very similar views on the world and the experiences we have had whilst growing alongside each other. During the whole musical process from writing, recording and performing and throughout becoming independent artists, we have both displayed almost contrasting strengths which is extremely useful! We are focussed on being a working, musical partnership and that's what we do day to day. We also simply get down to the same jams - that helps.

You’re heading out on a co-headline tour with Patawawa next month for the CloseUp 2019 Tour, what can those who’ve never been to an EKKAH show before expect to experience?

Yes, we’re really excited about this tour with Patawawa, they are great fun and they have the same ethos as us about performing. We wanna create and experience as well as a show, we don’t always feel like the focus needs to be on us, it’s more about bringing an energy to a room. Hopefully an energy that people talk to their mates about afterwards and that brings people closer together!

The tour stops off in Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield and London, which date are you most excited for?

Well as we met in Birmingham, it would be pretty bad to not answer that question with Birmingham, it's always nice to go 'home', even if where we call home has shifted. It is always fun to play Sheffield because the crowds are so energetic, and we are yet to play in Liverpool, so it will be first for us!

Aside from the tour plans, what’s to be expected from EKKAH in the near future? Any big plans for 2020?

More new music, exciting festivals and a long long long awaited album!

Tickets for The CloseUp Tour 2019 are available now, for full dates and information see: www.closeuppromo.com

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