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No Hot Ashes - Hardship Starship

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

The long awaited debut album from Stockport four piece No Hot Ashes does not disappoint. Coming off the back of singles W.Y.N.A. and Extra Terrestrial, these tracks gave but an inkling of what’s in store for the album.

While maintaining a signature sound that they have put their stamp on since their emergence in 2015, Hardship Starship also represents how far they have come. With a consistent and refined sound that remains familiar to those who have followed them from the offset, No Hot Ashes still manage to provide something fresh and different from other bands emerging from the same genre.

It is impossible to argue with the band’s own statement that ISH KA “is the maddest thing we’ve ever done”. With frontman Isaac Taylor narrating his way through an exceptionally experimental rap number, somehow maintaining something distinctly ‘No Hot Ashes’ through a track that is such a departure from anything they’ve done before, this is an experiment that has doubtlessly paid off. This track demonstrates their ability to evolve and sets them aside as a band that we definitely will be seeing a lot off in the not so distant future.

Tackling mature themes through playfully infectious beats, No Hot Ashes solidify their projection towards great things with this album. A blend of optimism and realism, subjects such as relationships (W.Y.N.A.), politics (Indecision/Intermission) and money struggles (CAR) are put to tunes you can’t help but dance to.

No Hot Ashes have been a band to keep your eye on for a while now, and Hardship Starship does nothing but prove that this hard work paid off, and an eclectic view on both music and society have gone towards creating something catchy, thought provoking and refreshingly different.

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