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Get to know... Judas

London based four piece Judas are probably a band you’ve heard of by now. With their infectious, sing along indie rock they’ve already managed to play main stage at Leeds Festival, as well as tour the country and secure support from Radio X and BBC Introducing. With recently announced sets at Isle Of Wight Festival and main stage at Reading & Leeds, 2017 is set to be a big year for Judas.

Having just released their brand new single Some People, we had a chat with lead singer John Clancy to find out a bit more about Judas. Have a read below.

What's something nobody knows about Judas?

We're actually the best band in the world, just nobody knows it yet haha.

When did you realise that you want a career in music? Was there anything in particular that influenced your decision to join a band?

No one got girls playing guitar hero.

What keeps you entertained when you're off on tour? What do you listen to on the road?

We basically just abuse each other for our own enjoyment, and we listen to lots of different stuff, but we mainly check out a lot of the new music emerging on the rock and indie playlists on Apple and Spotify.

Speaking of being on tour, what's the strangest thing that's ever happened at a Judas show?

There was a couple that bought tickets for one of our shows, and broke up before the gig but got back together again so that they could both go to our show. Judas bringing people together haha.

You played the main stage at Leeds festival last year, this year you're playing the main stage at both reading and Leeds, and you're also playing Isle of Wight, how does it feel to be playing at such big festivals?

It's a huge honour to be asked to play festivals that we've all dreamed of playing since we were kids. We're all hugely grateful for the opportunity and are glad to see that all our hard work is starting to pay off.

Where is your dream location for a Judas show? Who would you have as your support acts?

Without doubt it would have to be playing Camden Assembly hall on the 9th May with Wild Front and Lullaby.... It's not a plug I swear...

What do you get up to when you're not working on your music?

Not a lot as we don't have a TV, but we like to have to have a good time and check out different bands playing in London.

Your songs are all really easy to sing along to, is that something you aim for during the writing process?

Yeah definitely, there's no greater feeling than hearing an audience of people sing back one of your songs.

What's your opinion on bands changing their sound with each album they put out? Do you think it's better to keep a consistent sound throughout your career or experiment?

The most successful bands of all time are the ones that are able to reinvent themselves but also keeping the soul of the band that made the fans fall in love with them in the first place.

How would you describe Judas to someone that has never heard of the band before?

An exciting new band, who are about to make their mark on the scene.

Judas play play Isle Of Wight Festival - 8th-11th June 2017 - Tickets

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